Cincinnati Open

Rob Smorey - Rank: 11

800 points

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Units and Upgrades

Name Upgrades
Anakin Skywalker The Chosen One Force Push, Saber Throw, Offensive Stance, Tenacity
Clone Commander Trained For Leadership Improvised Orders
Phase II Clone Troopers Fives
ARC Troopers Strike Team Echo
ARC Troopers DC-15x ARC Trooper, Targeting Scopes
BARC Speeder BARC RPS-6 Gunner
BARC Speeder BARC RPS-6 Gunner
LAAT Patrol Transport Clone Shock Trooper Pilot, Onboard Comms Channel, High-Energy Shells

Command Cards

Name Pips
This is Where the Fun Begins 1
Synchronized Offensive 1
You Underestimate My Power 2
Air Support 2
Hero of the Clone Wars 3
Assault 3
Standing Orders 4

Battle Deck

Name Type
Minefield condition
Clear Conditions condition
Fortified Positions condition
Limited Visibility condition
Hemmed In deployment
Battle Lines deployment
Roll Out deployment
Disarray deployment
Hostage Exchange objective
Intercept the Transmissions objective
Bombing Run objective
Key Positions objective