Invader League Season 9

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Units and Upgrades

Name Upgrades
Clone Commander Trained For Leadership
Padme Amidala Spirited Senator Vigilance
R2-D2 Independent Astromech
Phase II Clone Troopers Z-6 Phase II Clone Trooper
Phase II Clone Troopers Z-6 Phase II Clone Trooper
Phase I Clone Troopers Fives
Phase I Clone Troopers Z-6 Phase I Trooper
ARC Troopers Strike Team DC-15x ARC Trooper
TX-130 Saber-Class Fighter Tank Armor-Piercing Shells, Linked Targeting Array

Command Cards

Name Pips
Our Fate is in Your Hands 1
Synchronized Offensive 1
Aggressive Negotiations 2
Air Support 2
Attack of the Clones 3
Diplomatic Cover 3

Battle Deck

Name Type
War Weary condition
Hostile Environment condition
Supply Drop condition
Fortified Positions condition
Advanced Positions deployment
Hemmed In deployment
Danger Close deployment
Roll Out deployment
Key Positions objective
Payload objective
Sabotage the Moisture Vaporators objective
Intercept the Transmissions objective