Invader League Season 9

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Units and Upgrades

Name Upgrades
Imperial Officer Ruthless Commander Underworld Connections
Din Djarin The Mandalorian Tenacity, The Mando's Jetpack, Din's Flame Projector, Din's Amban Rifle
Boba Fett Infamous Bounty Hunter Up Close and Personal, Offensive Push, Recon Intel, Emergency Stims
Shoretroopers T-21B Trooper, Recon Intel
Shoretroopers T-21B Trooper, Recon Intel
DF-90 Mortar Trooper
DF-90 Mortar Trooper
74-Z Speeder Bikes
74-Z Speeder Bikes
74-Z Speeder Bikes

Command Cards

Name Pips
This is the Way 1
Whipcord Launcher 1
I Like Those Odds 2
Making His Way in the Galaxy 2
Z-6 Jetpack Rocket 3
Rule With Respect 3
Standing Orders 4

Battle Deck

Name Type
Supply Drop condition
Clear Conditions condition
War Weary condition
Hostile Environment condition
Hemmed In deployment
Battle Lines deployment
Danger Close deployment
Disarray deployment
Recover the Supplies objective
Key Positions objective
Payload objective
Bombing Run objective