Invader League Season 9

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Units and Upgrades

Name Upgrades
Anakin Skywalker The Chosen One Force Push, Saber Throw, Tenacity, Up Close and Personal
Clone Commander Trained For Leadership
Padme Amidala Spirited Senator Vigilance, Situational Awareness, Recon Intel, Looted E-5 Blaster
Phase II Clone Troopers Z-6 Phase II Clone Trooper, Recon Intel
Phase I Clone Troopers Fives, Phase I Clone Specialist, Recon Intel
Phase I Clone Troopers RPS-6 Phase I Trooper, Recon Intel
ARC Troopers Strike Team Echo
BARC Speeder
BARC Speeder

Command Cards

Name Pips
Our Fate is in Your Hands 1
This is Where the Fun Begins 1
Aggressive Negotiations 2
You Underestimate My Power 2
Hero of the Clone Wars 3
Assault 3

Battle Deck

Name Type
Rapid Reinforcements condition
Minefield condition
Hostile Environment condition
War Weary condition
Major Offensive deployment
The Long March deployment
Advanced Positions deployment
Roll Out deployment
Recover the Supplies objective
Key Positions objective
Intercept the Transmissions objective
Sabotage the Moisture Vaporators objective