NoVA Open Star Wars: Legion Heat 2

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Units and Upgrades

Name Upgrades
Imperial Officer Ruthless Commander
Pyke Syndicate Capo Vigilance
Darth Vader The Emperor's Apprentice Force Push, Force Choke, Tenacity
Shoretroopers T-21B Trooper, Imperial Comms Technician, HQ Uplink
Shoretroopers T-21B Trooper
Pyke Syndicate Foot Soldiers P13-M Disruptor Soldier, Pyke Syndicate Capo
Pyke Syndicate Foot Soldiers P13-M Disruptor Soldier
DF-90 Mortar Trooper
DF-90 Mortar Trooper
Imperial Special Forces Inferno Squad Gideon Hask, Del Meeko, Offensive Push, HQ Uplink

Command Cards

Name Pips
Implacable 1
Vader's Might 1
Fear and Dead Men 2
Push 2
Master of Evil 3
Darkness Descends 3

Battle Deck

Name Type
Clear Conditions condition
Rapid Reinforcements condition
Supply Drop condition
Minefield condition
Hemmed In deployment
The Long March deployment
Danger Close deployment
Advanced Positions deployment
Intercept the Transmissions objective
Key Positions objective
Recover the Supplies objective
Payload objective