NoVA Open Star Wars: Legion Heat 1

Jason Vassilicos - Rank: 13

790 points

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Units and Upgrades

Name Upgrades
Iden Versio Inferno Squad Leader Offensive Push, Situational Awareness, Prepared Supplies, Iden's TL-50 Repeater, Overwatch, Duck and Cover, Ascension Cables, Iden's DLT-20A Rifle
Imperial Officer Ruthless Commander Underworld Connections
Bossk Trandoshan Terror Seize the Initiative, Hunter, Targeting Scopes
Cad Bane Needs No Introduction Up Close and Personal, Situational Awareness, Electro Gauntlets
DF-90 Mortar Trooper
DF-90 Mortar Trooper
Imperial Special Forces Inferno Squad Del Meeko, Gideon Hask, Offensive Push, Emergency Transponder
Scout Troopers Strike Team DLT-19x Sniper
Scout Troopers Strike Team DLT-19x Sniper

Command Cards

Name Pips
Pulse Scan 1
I'm Your Worst Nightmare 1
Reptilian Rampage 2
Push 2
Lying In Wait 3
Tactical Strike 3

Battle Deck

Name Type
Clear Conditions condition
Hostile Environment condition
Fortified Positions condition
Supply Drop condition
Advanced Positions deployment
The Long March deployment
Major Offensive deployment
Roll Out deployment
Breakthrough objective
Key Positions objective
Sabotage the Moisture Vaporators objective
Recover the Supplies objective