Danish Open Qualifier - TRoA / Spilforsyningen

Carsten Mortensen - Rank: 12

798 points

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Units and Upgrades

Name Upgrades
Yoda Grand Master of the Jedi Order Force Push, Force Barrier, Burst of Speed, Vigilance
Chewbacca Hero of Kashyyyk Tenacity, Protector
Phase I Clone Troopers Z-6 Phase I Trooper
Phase I Clone Troopers Z-6 Phase I Trooper
Phase II Clone Troopers Phase II Mortar Trooper
Wookiee Warriors Offensive Push
ARC Troopers Strike Team DC-15x ARC Trooper
BARC Speeder
BARC Speeder

Command Cards

Name Pips
Ambush 1
Size Matters Not 1
There Is No Try 2
Size Matters Sometimes 2
Luminous Beings Are We 3
Standing Orders 4

Battle Deck

Name Type
Fortified Positions condition
Clear Conditions condition
Supply Drop condition
Hostile Environment condition
The Long March deployment
Battle Lines deployment
Major Offensive deployment
Hemmed In deployment
Recover the Supplies objective
Key Positions objective
Hostage Exchange objective
Intercept the Transmissions objective