RTGC Legion, Battle for Endor

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Units and Upgrades

Name Upgrades
Han Solo Unorthodox General Improvised Orders, Duck and Cover, Environmental Gear
Lando Calrissian Smooth Operator Vigilance, Situational Awareness
Chewbacca Walking Carpet Protector
Rebel Veterans
Rebel Veterans
Mark II Medium Blaster Trooper
Mark II Medium Blaster Trooper
Fleet Troopers
Wookiee Warriors Kashyyyk Resistance Bowcaster Wookiee, Offensive Push, Targeting Scopes
Rebel Commandos Strike Team DH-447 Sniper
Wookiee Warriors Bowcaster Wookiee, Tenacity, Offensive Push

Command Cards

Name Pips
Sorry About the Mess 1
Sabotaged Communications 1
Idiot's Array 1
Push 2
Reckless Diversion 2
Ace Up His Sleeve 2
Change of Plans 3
Notorious Scoundrels 3
All In 3

Battle Deck

Name Type