About this project

The purpose of this site, is to make statistics for Legion tournaments more readily available for everyone.
It shouldn't be a part-time job to collect, compile and calculate all the statistics that people want to see.

So I've made this site to automatically do all the work for TO's around the globe. By simply inputting a tabletop.to tournament link, this website will pull down every single list (as long as they are a legionhq or tabletopadmiral list), round and match, and import them here.

If you want to make sure your tournament can be imported here, just make sure that the list link is the very first thing of the list in TTO.
If you are a TO and need access to this site to import your tournament, you can contact me for an account.

My contact for with TO access, feedback or bug reports on:
Mail: legionstats.tft@gmail.com
Discord: @DrPowerSlam (Legion Discord)
Carrier pigeon: No

Special thanks to

The Fifth Trooper Network For letting me be a part their awesome site.

The Danish Legion community I wouldn't be as invested in Legion without these guys.

Tabletop.to For helping me with getting data from tournaments.

LegionHQ For helping me with converting lists.

Tabletop Admiral For helping me with converting lists.

You have all been a great help to me. Either by listening to the ramblings of a madman, or expanding your own site to help me getting the data I needed.
If you use any of these sites, consider donating to them. They all do awesome work!